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Cool accessories for your EU


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Thought we could need a thread for accessories for our wheels :)

So far I have tried:

Acrylic EU stand:
Banggood have this stand made of clear plastic that works really well. My GW 14 and TG-T3 fits perfectly and the X8 fits fine but is a bit tight. It looks great too so it have a high wife acceptance factor (WAF). If the wheel is wet it should even prevent mud from dripping on your floor. It also keeps the tire off the ground.

Small metal stand:
Another stand that I tried out is this "Electric Unicycle Bracket Stand" from Banggood. It slides around the wheel and underneath the cover and keeps the wheel upright. It works but IMHO its too tight and its fiddly to get the wheel in and out of it. I guess it could modified to fit better but I really prefer the acrylic ones...

Charging port dust cover:
The dust cover on my X8 was not tight enoug so it kept sliding off the charging port. Got one of these to replace it. Works well and looks great. The ring goes around the charging socket is a bit loose and keeps falling off but thats not a big deal.

Reflective tape:
These reflective tape stickers are dirt cheap and makes your wheel much more visible (and street legal here in Norway). Bought six of them but used only one sheet per EU cutting out two red strips for rear and two white for front. 

I have ordered some lights too. Will post when I get them...


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