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[SOLD] Broken GR16 carbon rockwheel - $150

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Hi all, here again with another broken rockwheel. I have bad luck with these and don't know much about repairing them, so my loss is your gain.


What works?

Pretty much all of the mechanical parts are in good order. The shell of the unicycle is in great condition. There's some light wear, but the EUC was never dropped so it's in near-new condition. The batteries appear to be in working condition and are chargeable.


What's broken?

Pressing the power button shows the battery meter, but there's no balance or power forward or backward. The motor does not spin. It could be something as simple as the battery controller, or the mainboard could be out. I've opened the shell up once, and re-sealed with hot glue.


Price: Asking $150 + shipping (or free pickup in SF Bay Area)






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