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I currently have a broken trolley handle for my NB and find it very useful--so much that I'm waiting on a replacement. Since I am trying to use it to commute, I like the ability to hop off, walk it for a short distance in crowded/not-so-safe-for-me-to-ride place, and then hop back on for a bit. But I've been thinking what I'd really like is some kind of sleeve, jacket, or cover that I could slip on over the handle and the wheel so the handle would stick out and then I could just trolley the wheel about and have it look like a small wheeled suitcase or backpack (and not attract so much attention, especially to take it on a train or bus). Has anyone found some ready-to-buy item that would work for this purpose? I know there is that IPS backpack that has its own handle, but since I want to be able to use the trolley handle for this sort of quick-hop-off thing, I'd really just like some plain black cover that would have a hole for the trolley handle and obviously a hole at the bottom so the wheel could roll along. If no one has any suggestions I was thinking of taking some measurements and seeing if someone on Etsy could put one together for me.

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I've never seen one.  I think etsy would be perfect, or better yet, find a local seamstress.  I've had them do custom projects for me in the past.  If you find the right one, it can be very cheap and comes out nice.  If made out of a thin nylon, it would wad up in your pocket easily.

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On ‎4‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 3:23 PM, bumblebee said:

Ok, I just posted it on Etsy. Hopefully I'll have something to show you all before too long.


This is a great idea. Yes, please let us know how it turns out. I'm definitely interested in doing something like this!

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On 4/29/2016 at 9:30 AM, Gimlet said:


These stretchy neoprene tubes should slip down over the wheel fairly easily and could be left on to provide a little padding and protection for the wheel.

That is an awesome idea. Then again, maybe I need one of those tubes for my middle ....

In the interim, I went ahead and had a local seamstress make a cover for me. It turned out wonderfully, and she was fast. She took a picture and posted it on her etsy store, in case any of you are interested in getting one from her:

I also have more pictures if any of you want to see (and so does she).
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