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What mainboard is??

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2 hours ago, Óscar Ramos Melero said:

Hi!! Banggood has sended a new mainboard to replace the original, but I dont know what mainboard is.

I dont know if is better, worse, the same or what...

Can please someone help me?? Thank you so much 


Maybe if you state your wheel and which mainboard was in there originally

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On 16/4/2016 at 4:42 PM, Chriull said:

Tal vez si usted indica su rueda y el que estaba en la placa base hay un principio


On 17/4/2016 at 11:47 PM, electric_vehicle_lover said:

Parece ser un tablero principal genérico. Por mi experiencia, si la tarjeta es igual, el firmware puede ser diferente y tienen diferentes propiedades como baja potencia :-(

Espero que no :(

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@Óscar Ramos Melero: As far as i remember, there are many TG T3 riders in this forum (i've "met" them quite some times in the BMS shunt thread...) - they could give you hints about the motherboard - but as @electric_vehicle_loverstated mainboard is one thing and different firmware versions can have the same impact...

Edit: Imho the most problems with TG T3 were "bad" batteries which induced BMS shutoffs (supposedly in because of cell undervoltage). So imho for this wheel i would have concerns regarding the batteries and not too much about the mainboard. But i never had/drove/seen one myself...

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