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GotWay MCM4 APP Setting

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Tips to set the MCM4:
1. MCM4 Normal Version:
First level alarm: About 23km/h;
Second level alarm: About 25km/h;
Power alarm: About 28km/h;
Max tilt back speed: 24km/h.
2. MCM4 High Speed Version:
First level alarm: About 23km/h;
Second level alarm: About 25km/h;
Power alarm: About 35km/h;
Max tilt back speed: 24km/h.
1.Setting will be only make sense when the wheel stooped.
2. All data will have little difference in different state of battery capacity.
3. Mobile phone Bluetooth version should be higher than 4.0. 
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Please take a heed to my question: 


Mine is bought 09 May 2016, MCM4 680KWh HS version.   I have only an iPhone6S.

I turned off 1st alarm, and what I can do is setting tilt-back speed to max which is 24km/h.

There is no menu disabling tilt-back.

I heard 1 beep, double beeps, triple beeps around 25-26km/h based on speedometer on iOS app.( 22km/h on GPS app.)

If I turned off all alarms and set tilt-back speed to max as having no turn-off menu, am I going to hear the alarm around 32 km/h without foot-step tilted up as Linnea stated? ( Mine is HS version bought recently.)

when I reached  around 26-28 km/h based on the speedometer of iOS app, I felt no the foot-step tilted up. (owing to HS version?)

I am confused at controlling Gotway app now.   Please help me!!!

(What I can see on my iOS app is as attached picture below.  no disabling menu for tilt up foot step)



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how can I buy a gotway mcm4 hs in chile?, i tried in aliexpress and they said that isnt posible because "there is No transport service company to transport the electric wheelbarrow to Chile, because it is with the battery and etc...". but i know that there are people who have actually bought a gotway here, so I dont know why are they saying that and I really want to buy one

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