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V11 Repairs - Mix n' Match Batteries..?

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OK folks, how explodey is explodey?

The left pack of my V11 has one or more bad cells.  A friend of a friend was building an e-foil so I asked to get in on their battery order and requested 40 x Samsung 50E's, enough to rebuiild one of the two battery packs.   Instead, I received 40 x Molicel P42A's.  

Where the V11 balances between the two 84V packs and can utilize them independently, is having two different packs a problem?  The specs of the batteries are similar, but the Molicel has a lower capacity (4200 mAh vs 5000 mAh) and a higher max discharge rate (45W vs 10W).  

Crap, just noticed that the Molicels are a smidge larger too... 

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36 minutes ago, Frolic0415 said:

They will discharge at different rates making the packs unbalanced no?

Yep but I heard that the V11 will disengage the lower-voltage pack for a while until they rebalance..?

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Electrically it's possible to connect them together and ride but the protection circuits from Inmotion are going to cause you headache (I think).

The wheel will detect voltage differences between the packs and say "please repair". If you had a dumb wheel you could do the mod and ride normally.

The advantage with combining high current and high capacity packs is that you'll get a bit of both. It'll have more juice when you ask for it.

The disadvantage is that you'll have cross currents between the packs under hard riding. One pack is going to try to charge the other for short moments, and that's inefficient. The range will suffer a bit.

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