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A smart ebike to Do It Yourself with Vanpowers (USA) or Sharp (Europe)


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As a fan of niche products, I am always seeking that balance, that perfection between design and capabilities, particularly in a smart e-bike. I discovered the Sharp MILANO (Europe) alias Vanpowers CITY VANTURES (North America) and wrote an article about it on my specialized website. Here is the content...:efef50e3ba:

":efef6b27e5: Hello, Sharp Customer Service, my ebike was delivered in spare parts :blink: !" . Sharp for Europe, Vanpowers in the USA & UK, offer the same DIY ebike...






Carried by the SHARP brand in Europe, it is found branded as VANPOWERS in the USA & UK. This unique ebike is inspired by the mortise and tenon technique, known to be reliable for millennia primarily in woodworking.


The Vanpowers website presents this DIY ebike concept in more detail, while Sharp will present step-by-step assembly in one of its user manuals...



Each component can be ordered separately for replacement via the Sharp Life app. For Vanpowers, no application is mentioned (for the moment).

While in the USA and the UK, Vanpowers offers the possibility to receive the CITY VANTURE either as a kit to be fully assembled by oneself or pre-assembled, an additional battery as well as other equipment, on the other side of the Atlantic, in the Old Continent, Sharp seems quite timid and unfortunately does not have such enthusiasm with the MILANO whose price is tripled, even outrageous, for a very limited on-board technology.

Sharp's website is for now not very convincing since we note the absence of information regarding the delivery of a kit or pre-assembled model, and for now the store has nothing more than two colors and a void in terms of additional equipment while Vanpowers offers its model in five color variations and add-ons.

Nonetheless, this smart ebike in its SILVER version caught my eye: the frame is not as sleek as other urban models with a monobloc design, it is just minimal, a discreet non-removable LG battery housed in the downtube, and the visible screws related to the mortise & tenon technique are not so shocking.


Lightweight, made in aluminum, at 34.17 lbs./15.5 kg, its performance is limited to commuter use.

With a range of 50 to 80 miles/80 to 130 km (if one is lucky enough to be American or British to procure the additional battery), its components are still of good quality even if they are mid-range: Tektro hydraulic brakes, Kenda Kwest 700c/ 28c tires, a Unitek G250RS motor, a maximum torque of 40Nm (alas), a CDN Carbon Gate belt, a beautiful Foxconn Voltaira color screen for the display of basic data (mileage, gears, battery level, max speed...) and a 20 lux front light to be mounted by oneself, a pity it is not integrated into the frame.

For comfort, there will be either a Selle Royal® Saddle or a Justek® Urban Saddle.

Sharp indicates that its model is manufactured in China and assembled in Bulgaria.

'Dual battery' at Vanpowers:
The LG Extra battery has a capacity of 252 wH, weighs 2.5kg, with dimensions of 25*8*8(cm), in two colors Black or Silver.

A small note on the extra battery, reading the user manual available on the Vanpowers site, it is almost certain that it will be available in Europe for the Milano model by Sharp, the battery having been submitted by a company in charge of certification in Germany.

The little plus is a USB port (unspecified type) surely dedicated to powering the rear or front lights.

The big 'Minus' lies in the complexity of its installation where it will be necessary to dismantle, install, and reassemble some cables located in the frame.

And unfortunately, apart from the usefulness of a bottle holder fixed on the frame, the extra battery is not equipped with an anti-theft security.

For this type of ebike with an elegant design, I would have liked not to see the attachment of plastic cable ties (see "Extra battery instruction" video).

I have chosen to present the MILANO-CITY VANTURE as a smart ebike, not for its embedded technology or the presence of multiple sensors, but rather for its successful design despite the assembly technique that could have compromised the fluidity of its lines. The MILANO-CITY VANTURE is a lightweight ebike, limited to urban use, equipped with mid-range components.

Its SILVER version is the most successful in terms of color balance, and it is truly attractive.

However, its concept of a detachable ebike is not going to attract many people. One might question the availability of spare parts over time; indeed, despite the idea of a “sustainable” ebike by offering separate components to buy and replace oneself, isn't this logistics harmful to the environment both in terms of shipping and the lack of recycling for worn parts?

All ideas that generate innovative concepts for the user and the environment are welcome, but unfortunately, the long-term reality is often quite different...

more about Vanpowers City vanture/Sharp Milano 's features and pictures https://www.smartybikes.com/sharp-milano

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