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The price in all Aliexpress stores is 540 euros, until June 23 midnight there are the AliExpress summer sales with a discount of 80 euros, (I also had a promotion of 80 euros so I paid 458 euros finally) without taxes or shipping costs

GLOBAL CODE Europe: 24SS80

spain SSES80

france SSFR80

de/nl WESS80

pl/it SSIP80

revendeurs: I think all the resellers get their supplies from the same warehouse in Poland

Uismile Store 

Hulkoo Store

Sumtop Tech Store

Orno store

Stio store


Since my purchase went well when ordering on Aliexpress, I took the precaution of paying with Paypal during the order. Here are the links to the different sellers I contacted before my purchase.

I remind you that I had no choice; with all the sellers, the stocks were in white color. Before purchasing, contact the seller (homepage of the seller, at the top right there is a small envelope) and first ask about:

- the color,

- the adapter for your country's plug (included in the price), (i had an original segway charger with euro plug))


- and the delivery time. For tracking, it takes some time; first, the seller registers a tracking number (for me, it was with DPD Poland), then two days later the package was in Germany, then in France, and finally arrived on the fifth business day. (because i ordered a friday before)


when the package crosses borders the tracking is reported on the site of the carrier of the next country, either there is a link from the DPD Poland site to DPD France (for example), or you ask the reseller where the package is, but do not don't worry even if there is no information for 24 hours

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