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what did UL2272 do for EU,expecially USA


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Hi there,

As USA CPCS set up the new rule regarding to the EU, 

The detail as Any balancing scooter export to USA, should meet the UL2272 required, encluded the electric unicycle.

That‘s mean that if you retail within USA, might face the risk that be sued by CPCS, or your client.

Anyway, if you are the online shop,well. the worse situation might only be shut down the shop, it's not a big deal~


In addition, As the standard required, the motor working voltage below 60V, the EU motor do not need extra authentication from UL2272.

But the whole items must past it.


For your side reference, this required will pushing the manufactory cut down the battery cell from 16 cells to 14 Cells.Cuz the test charge should up to around 20000 $

Did this will change the speed? Cuz the voltage will cut down to around 52.5V.


Also, If you bought the EU within USA after the standard came out, you can sue the retailer, that do not update the detail massge...



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On 2016/4/8 at 9:02 PM, lizardmech said:

When will your ul2272 compliant unicycles be released? Was cell count reduced to add casing around the battery?

We now have not process UL2272 for EU, but will finished the one for self balancing scooter, or hoverboard, whatever, around July.

Also, the one avoid Razor patent one will come to market in the same time.


Frankly, USA market will out of Self balancing scooter before July, it's sure that not company pass UL2272 right now. dated 2016/4/11.

That's mean no one retail self balancing scooter/ UNICYCLE within USA in legal...


How much risk your side hold?

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