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Experimental alternative trolley handle for ninebot

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I was looking at the standard handle that you can buy for the ninebot and although I could see that it would work ok I hated that look of it. I also thought that the way it pertruded from the ninebot it not only spoiled the nice lines of the ninebot but would no doubt get in the way when mounting and dismounting the ninebot especially during unscheduled dismounts (crashes).

What I really wanted was the ninebot factory to have realised that due the the ninebot being a heavy weight, to design a handle that can be used a carry handle and a trolling handle.

Anyway they didn't so I have had a go at constructing one myself.

STEP 1 - find a ready made handle the collapses or folds away that can be adapted to fix to the ninebot

STEP 2 - try out different combinations for strength and operability

STEP 3 - publish results with a hope that others will be inspired to try this or other ways to make a neater version and show me how it's done. image.jpgThis shows the handle attachment in the closed position, demonstrating that the ninebots profile is not spoiled.

image.jpgHere you can see how the handle fits into the slot round the ninebot.image.jpgH

Here you can see the handle hinges up and then secured with a thumb screw.image.jpg

As I used a gopro selfie stick as the Donor device for the handle there is the added dual purpose bonus of a mount point for a gopro on top of the handle and I guess you could even use the one at the end of the handle too. For experimental purposes I just cable tied the device to the existing ninebot handle and used some foam and insulating tape to cover the cable ties. ( this could be made to look much better with proper tennis racket tape) 


I am 5'11" and standing straight and I can reach the handle easily without stooping. The gopro handle is just plastic so it's not a rock solid as it could be if it was metal but it trollies around ok.


the donor handle is a KINGMA MONOPOD from eBay £13 and the end handle piece is from a tent peg remover tool from pound land.

thoughts please!?

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image.jpgYes it does look like a piston. But in fact it's just a tent peg puller that I inserted into the gopro handle and clampd it using the camera thumb screw. It doesn't really need clamping as its in there pretty tight due to the hook at the end of the tent peg puller being adjusted to be just slightly bigger than hole it goes into.

I can insert a video of how it works if you like.

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