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Begode Beep Codes - two beeps and then four - what's it mean?

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I've got an old Master that decided to stop balancing tonight, it was ridden earlier in the day and was fine. When you power it on now it beeps twice, and then beeps four times. The display comes on, and everything seems normal, but it doesn't balance.

Does anyone know what 2 beeps and then 4 beeps means?

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Hmm. That one isn't listed in the only list I have ever seen on the subject ! But as a Master owner myself I too am keen to know what all the error codes mean.

Do you use EUCW at all ? If you can manage to connect that, have a look at the bottom of the second page, and see what the status is of the last 2 items; Wheel health and Hall Sensor Health, which usually say 'good' there. Perhaps if they say something else that is a clue ?

Let's hope someone knows, otherwise our best hope is writing to Begode and asking.

I'm not liking the amount of reports we are getting recently about Masters suddenly doing weird shit when they were fine earlier.

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