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what kind of wheel do you have?   I had no idea there were so many to choose from, though the Airwheel is working well for the wee man.  I suppose it is ideal for a beginner as well as for a child.   


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I have a ninebot one e +.  Lewis Hamilton has the same, believe it or not, check youtube

The main thing for me has been batteries.

It doesn't run well when the battery is low, ie it is downright lethal.

I didn't realise this when I started and ended up with some good splats.

Since understanding this I haven't had any nasty issues.

This is the best place for general info, browsing, learning and advice

There is a lot more to these things than meets the eye.

It is addictive though.



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and expensive I expect!    

I think the Airwheel X3 will b perfect for J at the moment as he is young and light, so it can easily carry him up and down hills and a fair distance.  

As he gets older, he can buy his own!  

Great to have a wee place we can come to for help and advice should we need it.

I had a brief look at some diff ones when looking for one for the wee man, I wasn't keen on buying something non branded, just in case.  So went with the Airweel X3 as the most affordable option.  The ninebot is expensive!! :o


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