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Quality x Price

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$400 is more or less a toy, meaning not large battery/distance, but look an ninebot mini Asian model, cool and stable. What do you plan on using it for?  Might consider buying used from here, get a better model cheaper...

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Cheapest Wheel AND!!! Very good quality is a KS14b Wheel from futurewheel.nl for 539 Euro if you use Forum discount...

fantastic wheel! Good Price...possible to Upgrade!!!


Gotway MCM 3 from Electro-Sport.de for 599 Euro....

also super Wheel....

Everything Else for cheaper or less Money is just a very dangerous toy!

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@Cristina Caldeira F.


You are Not able to bring a EUC with a Battery more than 160wh to Europe in a airplane....

its strictly forbidden....

like i Said: i would Go for The Ks14b from futurewheel.nl from holland! 539 Euro is much, but you get a good Device with garantie....

safe some Money ...you will Not he happy with a 400dollar EUC, i can swear it to you :-)

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I  would start here.

There are plenty of distributors in Europe.

You will  need to spend a bit more to get something half decent and safe, but there is loads of choice and opinions.

The less you weigh  the better it is from the unicycles perspective, so less kilos and maybe something cheaper will be OK


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