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Unit mini pro not charging shows empty battery and it drives in some kinda service mode.

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So how I said, the battery bar shows empty, and it’s not blinking it just stays empty, when I plug the charger in, it show that it’s fully charged, and it drives in a some kinda error mode so the speed is limited, the front lights are blinking a SOS thing and rear lights are off, and I’m not able to connect my phone.

I opened the battery, everything looks clean, I checked the voltage and the main output shows 61.0 which is good, but all the 30 batteries by itself shows 4.2a instead of 3.6-3.8 which means that it’s overcharged somehow. So I took for a long drive even that it’s in this error mode, after couple hours I got home and putted it on charger, and showed me the regular charging process I guess because the overall voltage went lower to its normal numbers. 

But this error mode didn’t go away, and it still shows me empty battery bar, limiting my speed, flashing SOS with headlights and not connecting my phone. How can I resent the battery because the small LED on actual battery stays green instead of blinking green.

 Please let me know what do you think.

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