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GotWay Electric Unicycle seeking global agents

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Hello to every electric distributors and riders,

This is Linnea from GotWay factory, we are seeking global agents to distribute our wheels in different countries. Any distributors or riders who is interested to be our agent, please feel free to contact me.

Our new 16 inch wheel ACM is ready to mass produced now, no doubt that it will hit the electric unicycle market.

Wish that you will be the next member of our oversea agents. 


Email: linnea-gotway@kebye.com

Skype: Linnea0521

Whatsapp: +8613751045466



Best Regards,



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Hi Linnea, do you have an Australian distributor? I may be interested depending on what the deal is.

teamdinoracing@yahoo.com.au is my email. Can you please send me a prospectus or what you seek in a distributor and what arrangements will be installed.

Thank you

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I would say it will be announced when ready. When? When it's finished :D

Gotway looks like to place the products to the public when they're finally finished development. Maybe the new MSuper is only a teaser to keep customers that they don't change to a KS18 1100W.

But with the MSuper sentence we're far way off topic. I've send @Linneaunicycles a PM with some points I'm missing for the global agent search. But in most cases (in general, all brands) there's no evaluation (How many can you sell, do you've a shop). The business will change fast in the next years. Companies with no real mRketing plan will get in trouble.

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