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I made a DIY dock

Aaron Corsi

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I wanted a quick place to drop off my wet or dirty NB1 and its various accessories, I made this from pine and galvanized steel, materials that match some other furniture I've made around my apartment. I keep this dock at the top of my stairs and it has a hole with curved edges that guide the NB1 into place when I quickly drop it in as I walk by. It has a spot to put my helmet and wrist guards and I found a plastic bin at Ikea that fits perfectly underneath to catch mud and water. The charger is plugged into a smart outlet that sends a push notification to my phone/watch when it's done charging.

This was a fun project, I'd definitely recommend something similar to anyone who uses their EUC for daily commuting like me. It's made the whole thing far more convenient and as something that lives in a very prominent area in my home it looks a lot nicer than an EUC leaning against the wall with some wrist guards on the ground next to it.



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5 hours ago, dmethvin said:

Nice steampunk vibe going on there! Great idea with the smart outlet too, which one are you using?

It's a WeMo Insight switch from Belkin. Amazon has sales on them occasionally for about $40.

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