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Commander GT PRO+ | 168V 20" 4440Wh | Bigger battery version of the Commander GT PRO

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3 hours ago, Jason McNeil said:

First batch of the GT PRO+, was completed over the weekend. Alas, they didn't adopt the BG SmartBMS for this model either :wacko:

GT PRO+ 4,400Wh QC Report

No Smart BMS is not acceptable for a multi thousand dollar wheel released in 2024. If a basic $600 Xiaomi escooter can have individual cell monitoring over Bluetooth so can this.

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13 hours ago, GoGeorgeGo said:

damn, not gunna lie that really kills some of my excitement for this wheel

Agree 100%.  

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34 minutes ago, Luc Cossette said:

Jason Mcneil,

How the suspension can keep it's ride quality with the add battery weight?

i am sceptical that it would be as good as the 3000wh.

The weight difference (going by extra battery weight) is like 6kg (12lbs). I don't think suspensions are that weight sensitive, are they?

6kg is less than the weight difference between different potential riders. Even for you, wearing a jacket or not, backpack or not, etc. could make the same difference in weight. If you were 6kg heavier, would it harm the ride quality?

Not to dismiss your question, but I wonder if one would even notice the difference? I find it hard to imagine. Maybe I'm wrong?

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