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to solo or twin


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So my question to all those who own both single and twin wheel mobiles is...

Do you think one wheel or two wheels are better for off road use? I mean like going to on off road cycle track like sherwood pines in Nottinghamshire or like at the beach etc? 

Also does anyone know of any manufacturers making a speedy twin wheel like the gotway or even 16"/18" twin wheels?

Look forward to hearing replies luke 

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It seems to me like that the two-wheel micro unicycle serves multiple purposes.

1. Some patent thing (money)

2. Easier for getting started, probably the very short term for most people

3. Easier at slow speeds. There's a youtube of a guy reviewing one for some kind of filming. Maybe this would make it better in densely populated urban areas?

I can already sense a single-wheel purist vibe even in the youth of this new culture. Let's keep an open mind, people.

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