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ranking in ninedroid app


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I am going around on my ninebot one for about half a year now.

Back in the days, after about 30km, I checked my ranking in the app for the first time and it was just over 4100. From that moment i commuted daily and did 30-40km per week. My ranking climbed steadily to for two months to almost 2000. Then it started going down again, and currently I am almost back to 4000 (3800).

It occurred to me that all the ninebot one owners that overtake me, have bought their wheel after me, and drive a bigger distance than me. Currently my number drops with 150 positions every week. This is an indication of how many ninebots are sold every week. At least 150 to people that drive more than 35 km per week and then an unknown number that do not drive as much. My question to all of you is:

Do you check your rank and how frequently?
At what rank are you?
Is your rank going up or down and by how much?
With how many km per week is this?
What is your total distance and how long do you have your ninebot?

With the answers to these questions, I think i can make a good estimate of how many ninebot ones are out there and how many are sold.

Thanks for any answers. I will let you know the conclusions of my littleĀ investigations.

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