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Import ninebot mini from China to India


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On 3/21/2016 at 8:51 PM, helloansuman said:

I want to import one Ninebot mini from China but don't want to pay custom. Will the custom allow an used ninebot mini to pass through without custom? 



As far as I have heard, Li-ion batteries are a problem when it comes to check-in regulations in flights. So, perhaps not. Wonder if you can carry one without the battery in flight, and get the battery shipped via sea. I have no idea how much that might cost and if it's even feasible. I am just thinking out loud.

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With batteries, you will have to ship via shipping company.

If you take the batteries out, the best possible solution would be to put inside a suitcase and check it in.

you will have to confirm with the airlines. How you prove to them that there are no batteries? If they find out you transported with batteries and discover at your destination, you might be faced with a criminal offence due to transporting lithiium batteries improperly packaged or labeled.

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