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Hey Portland riders, if you're looking to do a group ride with a mix of Onewheelers, Eboarders and EUCers then there's a meetup every Friday night at OMSI right by the submarine. We meet at 7:00 pm and roll out at 7:30 pm. There's usually two charge stops along the route for those that need them. The rides are super fun and last night we had 28 people join us. We even randomly met another EUCer on a Tesla who was just in town visiting and happened to stumble upon us. Here's some video of last weeks ride, if it looks fun to you come out and ride with us!



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I plan to but unfortunately I’m about 3000 miles away.

Damn.  I've been missing out.  I've been commuting regularly so I definitely feel like I can join in on a group ride. The hard thing is my work and school schedules (I'm in a doc program).  But I

You know what time it is... @Michael Lutge @Sidestreet Reny and myself will be getting together on Sunday around 1 p.m. Who else is in?

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19 hours ago, JimWantsToRide said:

Hi, I’d like to buy an EUC, do you guys have a recommendation for where to buy one locally? Thanks

www.revrides.com discount code: Sidestreetreny

Local Vancouver WA


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