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Mten3 tilt back at low speed, no beep


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I hope someone can point me to the solution on this issue. Like the title says, my son's Mten3 turns on, rides very slow, tilts back, but no beeps. Also, I've tried connecting it to the app, but nothing.  I've searched this forum but found nothing on this topic. I replaced the motor and motherboard last year after my son crashed it and broke the axle (initially replaced the axle, but then motherboard was fried somehow as well). He claims that he didn't crash it this time around and from my riding it, the axles seems good and straight.  Like I said, it rides really slow and tilts back without any beeping noise (I can't remember if beeping noise is a default or not). The battery has been charged but it's still doing the same thing. I'm leaning towards issue with the motherboard again, but before I go replacing it again, I'd like to see if there's other issue(s) that would cause the slow speed and tilt back. Has anyone had these symptoms and fixed it? I've got the 84v version. Thanks in advance.

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Try calibrating the wheel. I had the same happen to me on my Tesla v1 after calibrating in cold weather (midride). To me it seems the gyro is temperature sensitive when calibrating. I couldn't get it to work until I got home, let it warm up and performed another calibration. 

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