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F-Wheel Dolphin D1 Tire Change


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Hi Guys, got an old EUC but it seems to have a flat tire (i filled the tire and it got empty 2 days after).

I found no place that explains how to do it + I noticed there's a keyhole on top? (it might be needed to open up the wheel I guess)
1) any knows how to do it?
2)how do I get that key/ pick that lock xD?

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I can't speak to this particular model but a similarly looking Inmotion wheel (V8) is about dropping the motor + pedals out of the shell. 

You need to take side covers off, disconnect the motor wires from the board, remove shell bolts that attach shell to pedal arms, then lift the shell off the motor assembly (with tire).

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If you have a slow leak and it isn't because of a worn out inner tube, try slime first. A sealant that you inject into the tube.

I haven't tried a big brand sealant, just noname and it didn't work for me. However it might be worth a try considering it's a slow leak.

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