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Dusty Roads


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I've been riding my King Song on a lot of gravel roads lately. Should I worry about dust getting into the battery and circuit  boards?
Is just blowing everything out with compressed air enough or should I think about opening the case for better access?
I've read some folks hose everything out with water!

This mornings ride was at Hidden Falls Regional Park in Placer Co, CA.

Miles of gravel roads and horse trails that wind up and down the foothills.

While climbing out of a canyon for over ten minutes my KS-14c started beeping and leaned back.
Still over half a battery charge showing so I got the hint it had overheated (no smart phone) and after a couple of minutes it was ok.

At the parking lot I was surpassed at the amount of dust coming out the wheel well as I put it in the car so wondered if dust could cause to excess heat.

Would adding extra sealing actually keep dust and heat in??

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I wouldn't worry as much about dust as I would water and mud. A 10-minute constant climb seems like it could heat things up a lot, depending on the incline, your weight and speed. Don't know if you saw this older thread where it was discussed.



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I recommend opening up the wheel once in a while if not to check for water/ dust then at least to see whats inside and where potential issue can arise. I caught a few potential issues by doing that. Id do that every 200-300 km or so, especially after a ride through mud/ water/ dirt. Etc

if you ve never opened it in the past, then definitely you should

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Thanks for the info, link and recommendation guys.
I had searched for similar threads and did not see that one.

I had never experienced this sort of prolonged tilt-back before.
The 14" wheel always has a lot of torque and can climb just about anything - I know now it has a limit.

The more I ride, the more I'm impressed by what it can do.

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Not to go to far off subject...

I find myself riding on gravel more often as I look for new places to ride.

Anything from the small round white stones that are squishy if layered deep, to the big chunks that kick the wheel side-ways under your feet as the pop away like watermelon seeds.

Also riding on dirt trails that required a lot of dancing between protruding rocks.
Not to mention if your skirting a steep hill - the soft outside edge.
I only went off once today upon hitting a soft edge, then had to climb down after the wheel that went over.

My only real limit so far is fatigue. After a few hours riding my balance and reflexes start to fade - the shows over.


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