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Ninedroid on ipad : cannot register


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I use the ipad to control the ninenbot one.

The app is called Ninedroid.

I have the latest version : V2.1.2


I try to register.

But when I enter my username and password and my email adress and I click on REGISTER....nothing happens.

Did anyone experience that before and can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?






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Well you know, I'm a technical person (computerspecialist) and I could not believe my eyes.

it works on the iphone but not on the ipad....(same version).

There is a lot more that does not work.

Forexample if you change the riding mode (from 0 to 10, 0 : hard and 10 : soft) to for example 5....

after switching of the vehicle, and switching it on again, the riding mode is reset to  0 (hard).

I have reported this bug to ninebot.

Hopefully the change it in the next firmware release.



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