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Ninebot Mini S Pro - Tilt back/Unbinding/Bluetooth password/firmware downgrading

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Recently purchased a Ninebot Mini S Pro from facebook marketplace. Long story short, the device is bound elsewhere. I have tried ninebot IAP and Ninebot flasher. I figured to try change the serial number within these apps but it seems once its connected, IT isnt ever fully connected. I cant change the serial or anything and it doesnt respond to any commands within the app. It is bluetooth locked, Only on PC. I can connect to it via ipad fine, But if i want to connect to it via pc it does not work as it requires a password. I have tried the 0000 and 123456 etc. I want to also know if it is still possible to downgrade it to 1.1.7 in 2023. I have tried 1.1.7 in xiaomi flasher but the gyro doesnt work and it just beeps continuously. So I have tried pretty much everything as far as I am aware. I am also not paying some russian to remotely flash it, IF he can do it. SO can i. So how?

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