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Begode T4 Pro 134v 2400wh

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And look at the battery capacity. 

High performance 16" suspension wheel with good range. Off-road and urban commuting.

This should be a popular class.

Sherman-S 16" (126V, 2200 Wh, 80+ km/h) vs T4 Pro (134V, 2400Wh). The S22 Pro (20", 100V, 2200Wh) is too little too late.

Inmotion V14 (16", 100V, 1800Wh) will be all by its lonesome. I hope there is a market for it. Sounds like another Hero flop in the making.


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This is just a master with a 16" rim installed XD

Kudos to their 'modular' design for them to churn out models to respond to competition almost instantly.

I bet they'll release a 18"/20" version of the master pro soon too. for those that want a 4800wh ex30 ;)


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Do you think it will look like a mini EX30? Cause I think those "master" battery packs are kinda long so they could rearrange it with a short but wider pack. 


Or do we get a lot of suspension travel cause of those long packs? 


Lower packs would give us more stability but longer travel would be cool for jumping and off road riding. 


Probably my thoughts are pointless and T4 and Master packs have the same length. Does anyone know? 


Also sorry to say that:"I would love the master pro v2 headlight on this!" 

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