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do you remember quality in all things manufactured ?


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was away for a year or two from the forum and just simply riding my old eucs.
i have reached retirement age (65) and i was considering getting myself something interesting euc-wise.  i went back online to electric unicycle forum.  i also checked out various euc video reviews, which are helpful but i find this forum much much more important because of the real-worldreports on user experiences.

its just like the radio control hobby industry and i guess any activity that would fill ones free time.
the various types of rc vehicles and crafts (helis, planes, cars and trucks, boats, etc....) ,  i find fascinating as hell and totally fun to fly or drive. however, as for the business end of things,  that is abit like a very sharp double edged dagger.

you have on 1 edge, the sales hype.  this is represented by very experienced users of the devices, and if one is lucky,  you would also have technical representatives who can shine a more academic light on the device.  you also have the sales representatives of the device. the greatness or short comings of the device are high-lighted.  as well, attempts to try to create a vast user community are also present and are a welcome body of knowledge and experiences.  this is as expected and for the most part,  very helpful to anyone just getting into a hobby or sport or activity.

the other edge of the dagger is the real world testing and every day use of the device involved in the hobby or activity.  this is the part that confuses me.  and this is the part that im also part of as well.  we get alot of reviews about how great a device is but against that information, we get reports of various problems, big and small, of the real world use and experiences of the device.

i bring this up because what i see now, after being away from this forum for a few years, is that we, as consumers of these euc products, are in a daily state of denial and reluctant acceptance.  most of us love euc riding.  we also are deeply interested in the technology and the performance of the wheel.  but from what i have briefly read over the past few weeks,  there seems to be an alarming number of reports of eucs failing and causing accidents.  and consumers (we the riders) keep on throwing our hard earned cash at the same manufacturers that are selling these eucs without THOROUGH TESTING.

the fire of a major brand euc shocked the hell out of me and it makes me really think about whether or not i can safely keep eucs in my dwelling.

i have not had any problems with my old inmotion v8 and my old tesla V2.  i enjoy commuting and running every day errands on my wheel. but now, after coming back online and seeing various reports about failing wheels,  it makes me think twice
about whether or not i want to spend any more money on an industry whose manufacturers do not design enough safety into their products.  sure,  if something happens, you present your case to the manufacturers support dept. and you hope that they can provide you with a satisfactory solution to the problem.  but it could be avoided if the manufacturer took the time to over engineer the electronics to take the abuse that riders can put on these machines, as well as making the wheels more resistant to impacts to the ground (which eventually happen even to the most experienced riders).

i really wanted to get a current performance wheel (my retirement gift) but the reports on electricunicycleforum simply make me livid and they reinforce my cynical view on euc manufacturers.  in the end, i reluctantly will be purchasing something new.  the irony is the euc has been around for several years now and i dont see any manufacturer making a solid effort at selling a model that is completely safe and reliable.

i apologize in advance for my rant but it just seems unbelievable in an activity that is so much fun,  so invigorating and has so much excitement, that the euc manufacturers think that we as consumers will accept whatever crap they design and sell and we should be grateful for it. 



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I agree, last few years have not been good at all in this regard. This is the first time period in my EUC history that I’ve heard people hold off from buying a new wheel because the quality has gone down so much. Me as well, although my main reason is the lack of really any new (and  finalized) midsize models.

 But as you know, the magical feeling that riding gives is so exhilarating, that we endure a lot of crap for it. Another factor are the speed demons, which are ready to buy any new Begode wheel of questionable quality just to experience a few mph of more speed, or a slightly bigger battery to keep at it for a minute longer. All this with clear knowledge of the vast majority of EUC fires being Begodes (and Gotways).

 While no self-balancing vehicle can ever be “completely safe and reliable”, riders who expect more from the quality department, such as you seem to, tend to hang out more in the Inmotion side of the forum. And the V13 indeed explains why. You should look into the technologies that are applied. The V13 ride seems to be so stable and the build quality so good that one rider even thought that it could do full acceleration all the way up to max speed (90km/h), while ignoring all the wheel’s warnings.

Of course it ended up badly, but the huge amounts of discussion that followed this one single overlean show that the V13 is already very close to being a foolproof EUC, since even a single overlean is such a big deal. Check any other new wheel’s topics, and overleans and cutouts are just a thing that happens to some people, not that big of a deal.

 Inmotion is coming up with a new wheel or even two this year that shouldn’t weigh like a motorcycle. A lot of guys are waiting eagerly with our wallets wide open. But unless you are ok with the V13’s size and weight, indeed now is a bit of a bad time to buy a performance EUC.

Give any new wheel at least 6 months of time before buying if you want to reduce the risks. If you don’t need the latest and really want to buy now, I’d check if the V11 fits your requirements.

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Get an euc with a smart bms and preferably not the v1 of that particular model, and you should be safe from the bulk of failures. Gear up and don't ride like a mad man. 

I think that's a better strategy than putting your trust in a brand alone. As you've noticed, no brand is without its flaws.

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