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Bonjour, j’ai eu un très gros accident avec mon unicycle V11, question, à une vitesse de 50 km hrs, l’embrayage est tombé en position neutre, 3 fracture dans le dos, épaule 2 fracture, muscle et ligament sectionné, 1 mois hospitalisé…. je suis tu seul à avoir vécu cette situation ? 2 mois arrêt de travail, faire attention à vousmerci de m’aidé

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Sorry to hear from your accident and the grave injuries you suffered.

At maximum speed it's likely that you "just" overleaned the wheel. BLDC motors have a maximum torque over speed limit - once this is reached one (normaly) faceplants :(.

Could be of course any kind of other malfunction - without further details or "forensics" on the wheel not much more can be said? 

Btw: Forum language is english - please use something like google translate/deepl (if needed/wanted). Or one can post in ones language in the "local group meetup" subforum.

Google translate:"Hello, I had a very big crash with my V11 unicycle, question, at a speed of 50 km hrs, the clutch fell into neutral position, 3 breaks in the back, shoulder 2 breaks, severed muscle and ligament, 1 months in hospital…. am you the only one to have experienced this situation? 2 months off work, do aufmerksamkeit to you thank you for helping me"

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Hi sad news and hipe you will recover well and quick. Did you was wearring some protection? Last summer i got a crash at the similar speed with a sherman.  I got a quick flat tires when i was seat and get eject and luckyly with nothing but i was wearing full gear. Still today the sherman is not back on the road yet.

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Boy, that’s a terrible fall.  I hope someone can analyze the V11 to see what the problem is/was.  I have been considering a Leaff body armor, this event certainly helps my decision.  I already use a bunch of my motorcycle gear but….  Hope for a full and swift recovery. 

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6 hours ago, Jkay said:

I hope someone can analyze the V11 to see what the problem is/was.

From the OP's report out he was pushing the wheel at top speed. A bump in the road or drop in voltage will dump you for sure, but then again I was not there so it could be something else. Regardless, those are some serious injuries and I wish the OP a speedy recovery. 

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