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Wander app - Oculus 2 - the world in VR

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For about $10 the Wander app gives access to the world in vr where images and streetview data exist. examples.. Queen Mary in LA...yes, Britney Griner prison south of Barashevo...yes, newly built mosque in Nur sultan Kazakhstan (I played Walkabout mini golf on Oculus with a guy from there)...yes, my drone photosphere above the harbor channel in Manchester-by-the-Sea (21,000 google maps views and I rode there on a Gotway Monster to take it)...yes, Mt Washington NH summit...yes, Great Pyramids...yes. Sometimes clicking a blue vr access area comes up with zonk. App can archive locations. The Oculus voice command 'Hey facebook..take a photo' saves a picture from a viewed location to Oculus storage.



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