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KingSong S18 vibrates violently at low speeds (whether trolleying or riding)


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I have had my KS-S18 for a couple of years now. Recently, I had to disassemble it in order to replace the inner tube, because the inner tube broke at the valve (by the way, how do I prevent that from happening again?)

I reassembled the wheel, and everything seemed fine for a couple of weeks, until the wheel started vibrating violently when I trolley it or ride it at low speeds. The problem was mild at first (meaning that the vibration would only happen sometimes) but has progressively gotten worse since it first appeared.

I thought that the problem might be due to me overinflating my suspension, because I can roll the wheel using the trolley handle without the vibration happening if I let all of the air out of the suspension system. However, I redid my suspension inflation a couple of times, and the problem persisted.

How can I fix this?

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Hi, do you mean shaking like this video below?



While the wheel is shaking, could you see the diagnostic menu on the Kingsong App to see if it reports a hall sensor error.

Wheel shaking mostly because the motor phase coils wrongly energized. This could be caused by wrong reading of the hall sensor.

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