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Veteran Sherman Cutout Safety Gear Report

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1 hour ago, 2 Drinks Behind said:

All in all, I was honestly surprised at the level of injury I sustained, despite being a pretty fit guy wearing what I had previously considered possibly excessive safety gear.  The speed I was traveling is a fraction of what the Sherman is capable of and I routinely go 30-35 MPH on pavement at other times, thinking that this gives me plenty of headroom for safety with this wheel.  I shudder to think how bad the injuries might have been had this cutout occurred in that situation.  For me at least, the takeaway from this is no amount of safety gear is really enough to prevent serious injuries, even at what before I had considered pretty modest speeds.

Thanks for the detailed accident report - very sorry to hear you are injured! You sound remarkably calm and objective, and likely to return to riding when you're all healed :) You'll come back stronger and better from this as most of us do eventually. At least you'll have some time to contemplate your next wheel :D

I have always doubted whether garden variety motorcycle helmets are a good solution. I have switched to Troy Lee mountain bike and motocross helmets with MIPs most of the time.

You didn't say whether the Klim jacket was loose-fitting around the arm/elbow. If so, that may account for the elbow injury. I now wear very snug-fitting D3O level 2 pads (Demon).


I also have two sets of the Leatt Dual Axis and have experienced the same issue. My elastic straps have weakened and stretched to the point where they can't be cinched tight without alteration. Another problem is that most riders wear them over pants which also slide down the legs during a crash. I wear Demon's Hyper X D3O knee pads on bare skin with shorts which are very tight, and Troy Lee KG 5450 Adult Knee/Shin Guard (discontinued) under pants/jeans all day at work. The Troy Lee have rubber strips to stay in place, are thin profile, and are more or less invisible. This gear has served me well for several years through a number of crashes, and might be good alternatives for you, too.

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Sounds like a particularly horrible crash you had there... thanks for the report, and wish you as speedy a recovery as possible...

Some questions...

1. How tight was your helmet strap ? I am constantly finding that unless I do my TSG Pass up really tight under my chin that it fails the 'twat from below' test, which I have tried to remember to do every time I put it on. Literally, just uppercut your own helmet with the heel of your hand with increasing degrees of force, and see if it can get pushed up above, or into your chin.

2. Wrist guards shattered. Yes, that saved you hyperextension by dying for you. Every time I have had a fall where wrist guards saved me they died in the attempt, and the plastic bar shatters or snaps. On the plus side at least they are the cheapest bit of armour to replace !

3. Leatts. Worrying to hear further evidence that these slide. I have them too (so far uncrashed) but knees are one of the main areas I am really hoping to protect (mine are particularly thin, bony and insubstantial !) so this is rather dispiriting to hear ! And they have got to move a LONG way to expose your knees ! Dammit...

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Glad to hear you're basically ok. I always try to point out:

1) Could be worse

2) Someone else is worse off.

Perhaps your elbow injury wasn't necessarily a point impact, but rather a compression break. Also, sometimes pavement is a better crash. Given the same speed (ok, unlikely, lol) - there can be a slower dissipation of energy as you slide, versus a quicker or more abrubt dissipation of energy on dirt roads, especially with BFRs (rocks.)

Speedy healing my friend...

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On 9/19/2022 at 3:19 PM, 2 Drinks Behind said:

Leatt Dual Axis knee/shin guards  - I had read on this forum about the tendency of the Leatt Dual Axis knee and shin guards to slide down the leg during a crash, so I always make sure the straps are very tight and secure.  Despite this, the Leatts still slid down and exposed my knees, resulting in some decent sized patches of road rash near both knees.  No other leg injuries though, so I guess they mostly did their job, although I didn't primarily land on my knees.  I had been thinking about getting a pair of the Klim K Fifty motorcycle jeans, partially for this reason and to get the added hip protection as well, and I think I might go ahead and do that now.

My Leatts did a perfect job when I face planted on the street... didn't budge. Super happy about them in that crash.

Nevertheless, I decided to wear moto jeans underneath them because shi(f)t does happen. I'm hoping the Kevlar lining will hold up long enough to save me from too much road rash if the Leatts do slide. I've also been wearing a set of L1 Rev'It Seesoft knee protectors in the knee pad pockets of the jeans—just as an additional measure should the Leatts let me (or more correctly: themselves) down. Sort of a bonus is the jeans carry my hip and tailbone pads so I don't have to wear an additional diaper (aka padded shorts) and I put a zipper into the back to zip them to my jacket so I don't get pantsed.

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