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Turning with EUC


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I am new to EUCs and I haven't found a good vide on you tube on turning. Yes, I am aware of the videos that says "just step in the direction you want to go", or "just look and twist your body towards the direction you want". Ya, try that while going 40mph, good luck with that.

Instead, I have learned that fast and slow turns are different, very different. I put together a couple of diagrams on how I negotiate turns. Feedback?



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Youtube rider Duf is so bow legged that he can't touch the upper pads, yet he has no trouble turning, even on a 77 lb Veteran Sherman at 40+ mph. He does lower tire pressure to avoid wobbles and doesn't do drops like off curbs to avoid denting the rim with the lower tire pressure. I can turn with or without using the upper pads, but I'm riding a V8F which is light and not fast.

For a normal turn, an EUC just needs to be tilted inwards, and it will turn due to camber effect. Tire parameters affect the camber effect response to tilt, wider is more responsive, street tires are more responsive than knobby tires, ... . Any net uneven forwards | backwards torque on the pedals and pads while turning will result in the EUC accelerating | braking, but unless a rider leans forwards | backwards, the net torque will go away to balance the rider (otherwise the EUC would accelerate or brake away from under the rider). At high speeds, there will be some forwards torque applied to the EUC to generate enough torque to compensate for aerodynamic drag.

The more an EUC is tilted, the tighter the turn, and this response is somewhat independent of speed (unless lateral load causes contact patch flexing which increases turning radius), so a rider has to coordinate how much to tilt an EUC and how much to lean their body, depending on speed and turning radius.

In this clip from Wrong Ways tires and turning video, the middle screen is a Z10 with a 4 inch wide tire, which is very responsive to tilt, and Wrong Way tilts the Z10 much less than he leans. The right screen EUC has a knobby tire and has to be tilted much more than the Z10 for the same corner. You may want to restart the video from the beginning.


For slow speed, tight turns, the EUC is tilted much more than the rider leans. The tire appears to be 3 inches wide, so fairly responsive to tilt for tight turns.



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