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Begode EX30 4000W 3600Wh 134v Suspension

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  • ugoaps changed the title to Begode EX30 4000W 3600Wh 134v Suspension
29 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

For those who are losing the overview - Begode now has the following suspension wheels (bold = 134.4V, the rest are 100.8V):

16 inch:

  • T4 1800Wh with S18-like suspension (not sure how to call it, with the lever stuff and shock in the back)

20 inch:

  • Hero 1800Wh S18-like
  • EX20S 3600Wh S18-like
  • Master 2400Wh S18-like ------- closest competitor to the King Song S22 2220Wh
  • Commander Pro 3600Wh with V11/V13-like suspension (central shocks) ------- closest competitor to the Sherman-S 3600Wh
  • EX30 3600Wh S18-like as a successor to the EX20S

22 inch:

  • Master Pro 4800Wh S18-like
  • Master X (same as Master Pro) 3600Wh S18-like

Oh boy.

Give them a few more days and we'll likely see an EX40 with the C40 motor and 4800wh battery on 20" tire.  Then a few days later we will see the same wheel but with a 22" tire. (Master Pro XHT)  😁😆

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2 hours ago, mrelwood said:

And each new wheel makes them drop making spare parts for one older model.

Who needs spare parts.  Just buy the newest wheel!!:D

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excellent project, waterproof Master with bigger battery is something what many riders would like to see.

It seems that ex20s was only prototype, final version of this concept will be ex30.


EX30 will be biggest competition for sherman-S, probably with more comfortable suspension, lighter and cheaper :) 

If Master weights 36.7kg, EX30 can be around 40kg? Additional battery isnt very heavy, and motors and most of parts are similiar.

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19 minutes ago, onkeldanuel said:

the C40 alone is like 5kg heavier than the master-motor 

if so, - they should stay with Master motor, it is enough powerfull, no need to increase power.

Maybe with time they create 2 versions, lighter and heavier.

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23 minutes ago, Nick McCutcheon said:

...so does this wheel replace Master X? 

nope, it will replace ex20s (100v), both 20 inch. 

And this is quite good move, Master base is newer construction with higher performance. EX30 will be direct competitor to Sherman-S.


Master X its another category, same battery and voltage but 22inch wheel.

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5 minutes ago, RamonatheCat said:

Not my own idea but what if they focused their efforts on creating one really high quality performance wheel (something similar to their Master X) and just dedicated their efforts into build quality, waterproofing, safety and durability? We don’t rly need 5 of more or less the same euc imho.

Agreed 100%…. But instead we get numerous rushed releases with lack luster build quality. 


10 minutes ago, Greg X said:

EX30 will be direct competitor to Sherman-S.

Direct comp for the Sherman-s is the copy and paste job they did with the commander pro. 

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38 minutes ago, Unicycle Santa said:

Lmao they are over doing it with these releases. It's becoming more of the same. 

Unfortunately it’s what they’ve always done. They take the same design, add parts off the shelf and have the nerve to call it “new”. Expect atleast another handful of clone wheels to come. 

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10 hours ago, mrelwood said:

Edit: Someone said that this weighs 57kg. I'm not sure if it was to tease me or actual info, but if it's real, this will never end. Next year we reach 67kg, and so on.  Year after that the weight exceeds the max riding speed.

By 2025, you will look back in regret that you didn't pull the trigger on a featherweight 100 lbs wheel. 😄

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