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Extremebull Commander Pro (134.4v,3600wh,suspension)

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Video and pictures posted by @Archee Jan Blochhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/ElectricUnicycle/posts/5464926896938562/

Video is also on the Gotway Faceboom page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GotWay/posts/5636346206423655/

The real life wheels looks less attractive than the nice renders. The red handles and rim really looked great but they are not there. Now it's just black and looks like a Commander (well, duh). Still neat, but no longer so much better looking than the Sherman-S that I have seconds thoughts;)

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Simply in awe with Begode's industry-crushing speed in coming out with a working engineering prototype.  

The rear suspension is completely different, so there is no faking that. Perhaps some of Leaper Kim's engineers are moonlighting? 🙂 


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1 minute ago, techyiam said:

The Commander from Alien Rides uses LG cells, and the Commander from eWheels uses 50E cells. Are both considered range Kings, or only one of them?

i would say both, performance of these cells are basically the same

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16 hours ago, RagingGrandpa said:

I see stiction... also sad to have no real audio here, clacks are annoying and quietness would be an important selling point.


46 minutes ago, EMA said:

judging how it moves on small imperfections i would say no, but who knows...

Hard to know for certain. But I also get an impression that the suspension action was a bit stiffer than the Sherman-S.

But that also could be due to firmer suspension tuning to handle the big hits.

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13 hours ago, Eucner said:

It looks good in the videos, but we don't yet know how well the suspension can be adjusted for different rider weights.

Good point but I’d be surprised since it comes from a suspension manufacturer but then again it is Chinese so maybe not surprising. Let’s just hope it’s tunable to rider weight.

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price of this wheel looks very competitive, on aliexpress it cost 3-3.4k $   --LINK--
Muuuuch cheaper (700-1140) than sherman-S, while it has almost identical specification. 

Motor with axle (no bearing issues), spring+oil suspension (maintenance free), metal side panels+bumpers, big soft powerpads (durable). 
This may be not extreme specs, not biggest voltage, but looks like reasonable, well priced buy.  

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18 hours ago, Greg X said:

looks like reasonable, well priced buy.  

I don’t think specs alone can make a reasonable and well priced buy though. Many Begodes require hefty further investments and long waiting times for warranty spare parts to make it function as it should’ve from the start. A cheap initial price usually comes with a cost down the road.

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6 minutes ago, Rawnei said:

Apparently it's upgraded to 134v system now with c38 motor:


i dont trust gotway, but damn. i have my sherman s order in (which is cancellable). now filled with indecision 


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