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EUC Fail or ...?


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YouTuber points out how the Monowheel and Segway were poorly conceived and failed. However, makes no mention of EUC's which are a synergy of these two concepts. Must the product of past failures result in future failure (or this a failure to recognize progress)?

Surely you don't research 'Monowheel' and 'Segway' and not come across 'Electric Unicycle'... What's the verdict? (Why the snub?)

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Here's a summary of reasons he cites for failure:

  • Unicycles are unstable in all directions (Non-EUC)
  • Incredibly difficult to learn to ride (Err...)
  • Wheel blocks view and requires leaning (Monowheel)
  • Leaning [to steer] can cause instability (Balance)
  • Breaking can cause "gerbiling" effect (LOL)
  • Heavy [100lbs] and costly [$5K] (Segway)
  • Awkward & bulky mode of travel (Hmm...)
  • No protection from the elements (Given)
  • Travels too slow for the road (N/A)
  • Riders considered "fat & lazy" (F-U!)
  • Infrastructure not ready (Too true)
  • Unclear where to ride (Yeah)
  • Surprise, you can fall (Doh!)
  • Not taken seriously (Grr...)

Several of these drawbacks have been overcome in EUC's. However, need for speed has made them heavy and costly again.

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Reminds me of Arrested development, and Paul Blart, Mall cop, and a few others, where segways are specifically used to make people look even more like dicks ! Fortunately That doesn't apply to EUCs cos we look kinda cool, so we almost never get lambasted in the same sort of way.

I note that half the things on his list of failure also apply to bikes, motor bikes and anything else that isn't a car, so seems to be short on legitimate reasons for failure. He also left out the laziness of regulators, bureaucrats and lawmakers, who find it far easier to swiftly ban things outright from all the places they can / should so evidently be safely used, than to properly evaluate and regulate them. I think that is the single biggest reason for lack of bigger uptake (which is what he mainly seems to be considering 'failure').

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