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If Begode was an American company

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The product line-up would be a smaller offering that is more differentiated by use-case (wheel size and (no)suspension). Pro versions are only for the Tesla and Master. Speed/torque options are only for the Master and Monster. No more new wheels are invented; we just get new generation iterations annually with higher specs, features or quality improvements (e.g. Master 2022, Master 2023, Master 2 2023, Master 2024 .... Master 5 2027). And they should all have the Master aesthetic as the brand's signature design language, changing number of headlights, foam shape et cetera, like they've than with the T4 and MTen4.

Category series:
- MTEN series should be as compact as light and compact as possible. A fun tricking side-walk wheel.
- TESLA should be as nimble. torquey as possible. A convenient all-rounder wheel.
- MASTER should be the performance street and off-road wheel. Stripped-down rugged racer.
- MONSTER should be the highly stable, long-range cruiser.

Screenshot 2022-08-27 230408.jpg

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It would also cost nearly double with american labor.


Look at the onewheel, 100% american company.  Their best model onewheel has worse specs than the mten3 and costs $2200...


Imagine how much it would cost if they made a 50kph onewheel.  Let alone a 90kph 4800wh master pro spec'd onewheel.   


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I agree w Murdo, as much as folks would want better quality control with an American EUC company, the end products would be much slower, more expensive, and less exciting with less progress and the company itself being tied down with litigation. 

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On 8/27/2022 at 9:53 PM, alcatraz said:

Also, wouldn't the company get shut down after a few people have terrible accidents?

Yup agreed. Onewheel already got attacked by a lawsuit last year for the (ahem user-error) overlean cutout deemed as a "manufacturer defect" :efefb6a84e:  people breaking arms/ collarbones at 15mph and this country freaks out.

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