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V8F extreme vibrations upon bumps/curbs cause


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So some time back when pushing my V8F (which I was giving for others to learn on, so it's got a couple of bad drops..) and letting it jump over a small curb - it started vibrating like insane, power button didn't respond, had to free spin-kill it to turn off. Later riding it and hitting some curbs also did the same, but my body weight stops the vibrating in a second or two. Opened up, tightened all control board screws, didn't help.

Checked the pedals - right one is not upright - could this be the cause of the crazy vibrations?

Tried tightening the axle nut, no luck. Tried wedging stuff/keeping the hanger straight, which sort of worked.. until you put weight on it and the bottom slips to the frame side once again. I inspected the axle a little, didn't seem broken or bent.. I didn't clean it up, tho, so a bit of a half-assed inspection. Now wondering if the thread could be stripped/damaged where it sits when tightened.. What would you try out - new hanger? Send to a shop to swap out the axle? Or maybe some red threadlocker in hope that it will hold the pedal upright? 

This is an aliexpress wheel and this issue is probably from all the people I was teaching dropping the wheel, so probably no warranty stuff? Unless someone has a different experience with these kind of issues?

Dropping 300€ because of one piece of metal possibly being stripped feels... wrong. :wacko: 


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After adjusting the pedal hangar, tightening the axle nut and all screws on the wheel, doing phase wire reinforcing and checking motor it became apparent that it's looking a lot like a gyroscope issue - it ended up rocking back and forth as a ship after the fixes and adjustments after a sharp and higher jump [super inconsistent, took me like 10+ attempts]. Changed the motherboard, has been peaceful now, will drive it more, but think that was it (possibly from all the beginners dropping it and some being extra.. bangy and painful..). 

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