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Euc from dhgate or alibaba

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If you're buying a wheel, ali express and ali baba (different brands, still the same company. ali express is tailored for personal purchases and alibaba is mainly tailored for buying units in bulk but you can do the main features on both platforms), I don't have any experience with dhgate but I can tell you this, if you live inside the US there are plenty of trustworthy online stores so I wouldn't buy from those brands because keep in mind you have to pay on your own dollar for customs and any fee's and there could be risks that it is not a genuine unit, online EUC websites that specifically sell inside the US already took that risk for you and have the product domestically so it's much easier getting your EUC there (+plus they can ship it right to your door which is very cool)

The only realistic use case I would have for one of those companies is buying spare parts or EUC's that aren't produced and don't have much of a demand (but I believe there is a much higher risk for buying those types of EUC's), but if you don't need parts and just want a ride. definitely check local US websites, as for which ones. You can ask around, I don't live in the US so I don't have a sense of what brands to recommend to you but I can tell you that you'd be surprised about how much info you can get from asking someone in the US about these types of websites.

So yeah, hope that helped even in the smallest way :)

sidenote: I'd still highly recommend you to purchase extra parts if you need domestically, I know a website in australia that sell's spare parts for EUC's, probably something like that in the US too. and also you should be skeptical of alibaba and dhgate but if you are buying from them, make sure to check out their refund policy and do some more research on the reseller.

ok yeah I think I'm done, hope this helps :)

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