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Best Helmet/Chest cam for liability recording?


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Hey all,

After a few too many close calls riding through Los Angeles, I'm thinking I probably want to get a helmet cam or some sort of recording device in the case that some awful LA driver hits me/pulls out in front of me/swerves into me/etc and I have a crash and they lie or don't take responsibility for it.

One option is a 360 cam mounted to the top of a helmet but this seems super expensive (~$400ish) on top of looking stupid.

Option 2 is two cheap cameras mounted to front/rear of the helmet to cover front and back. Can get cheap 1080p cameras on amazon for <$100 so total would be <$200. Of course, then I have TWO cameras mounted to my helmet so that also probably gets a little bit unwieldy.

Could also mount them via chest and back mount, or maybe even shoulder mounts, though that would probably be more tedious to put on/take off for short rides to the store.

Thoughts? Anyone have any success with this?

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Mounting anything on a helmet is a PITA - more mass = more annoying. Especially if it protrudes - the farther it is from the head's center of mass, the more annoying thanks to leverage.
I tried a 360 GoPro at first and it was simply a bad idea. Especially since you can't just "watch" the recordings and you have to use their atrocious software instead.


My final solution is SJCam A10 on the backpack strap with a 3D printed holder that angles it 45° to the left - that way it's always roughly pointed forward.


Yes, it's shoulder-level, not head level. And no backwards-facing camera. But it's good enough for 99% of cases I'd say.

It's quite rare for dashcams that face backwards to be useful in court.

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Thanks @Rawnei, yes I'm using the Drift Ghost XL.
The image does not look fancy, there's no stabilization either, but it has been effective and reliable for me. Only aiming forward, but following where I'm looking at.
The weight is not so particularly significant on a helmet (I have it on top) and its aero shape helps not feeling it even at speed.

Very long battery life (spec is 9h, real world not far from it) which is the best aspect probably as you can keep recording really long rides without worry, and dashcam mode overwriting older videos working as expected.

I can't compare to dash-cam alternatives since it's the only once I've tried but it has the right trade-offs for my use case still now.

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I've yet to receive my first EUC, but on my bicycle I run a cycliq fly12 light/camera combo (1080p with no stabilization) up front. Image is just ok, but usable if needed. It'd definitely be a bit bulky for a helmet though. 

But on the back I run an Akaso V50x. It's a gopro clone that shoots up to 4k/60 with excellent image stabilization. I use it in 1080/60 to improve battery life, and the image quality is great. Way better than I expected. It has a looped recording option, to automatically overwrite old footage when full, too. I've turned footage over to local PDs a few times, when someone's endangered my life out there. Battery life is a claimed 1.5 hours in 4k, but I regularly finish 2-3 hour rides with a little battery left. I'd definitely say it's light enough for helmet mounting and, as it's a gopro clone, they make the chest mount harnesses that could be useful. 

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Thanks for the input, guys. Yeah i think i'm going to just do a front mounted akaso or something, maybe like a mouth mount. You're right that theres probably not much going on behind me that id really need to see. I guess it'd be useful if a guy rear ended me and then drove off, but thats not a very common occurrence I would imagine. I suppose I could always EUC-mount a cheap rear camera for that scenario if I was really worried about it.

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I just picked up an Akaso Brave 4 at the last prime day. Pretty impressed. I am using as an action cam for my EUC and car dash cam. Works great for both. It's my first action cam. The app works fairly well in wirelessly downloading and deleting files, but the video editor on the app does not appear to work at all.

It comes with lots of mounts, so using a helmet mount, but thinking of switching to the included clip mount soon.

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On 7/23/2022 at 11:22 AM, supercurio said:

Thanks @Rawnei, yes I'm using the Drift Ghost XL.
The image does not look fancy, there's no stabilization either, but it has been effective and reliable for me...

I also ride with the Ghost XL. You can feel the weight of it mounted to the helmet at first, but quickly you forget it's there. IMO the benefit of the camera seeing what I see instead of perfectly straight ahead like a wheel-mounted solution outweighs the minimal inconvenience. There's a new version with 4k and image stabilization that has me awfully tempted.

Rear cameras are unnecessary in our hobby, IMO, but a loop recording camera solution of SOME kind I think is prudent.

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