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Has anyone got or tried an Imotion V3 ?

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I've just upgraded from an Airwheel X8 to a NB1E.

My wife tried out the X8 after months of walking along behind me on it for months, and only managed

to ride it with the stabilisers on it. She just couldn't get the hang of it.

After looking around we decided we like the look of the Inmotion V3 over another Airwheel.

Has anyone used one of these. ?

Many thanks.

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Well I ordered one last week from a supplier " electricunicyclesonline " and it arrived in the UK at my house in 10 days, and without any import taxes also. Saved myself over £200 buying direct.

This was a gift for my wife as I've got a NB1E, and wanted her to enjoy these wonderful little wheels. She attempted once to ride my X8 but failed and hit the ground very hard.

After un boxing, pumping tyres up, setting up app etc, we was off to the park, within 30 mins she was standing stable on it, 30 minutes later, moving along with a kind of control.

So , this wheel is stunning quality, looks as good as the NB1E, can even play music through the on board speakers, the extendable handle is an amazing idea. The speed is enough to feel your zipping alone, and being a twin wheeler, so easy to ride.

So anyone who's got a partner they want to get riding a EUC, and like me you know with a little time they would manage a twin wheel, I highly recommend you check out the Inmotion V3.

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