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Video - Question (and experiment) : How quickly can unicyclists learn the electric unicycle from scratch?

John Eucist

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I bought my wife a unicycle for a surprise Christmas gift about 30years ago and we all tried fairly hard.

I got to the stage where I can go in a fairly straight line across a school sports hall grab the wall, turn and go back I can also make slight turns but I'm far from being in control and after years of trying on and off the unicycle has ended up in the loft.

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Since I bought my Solowheel, I have had countless people try it out in the street.


On two or three occasions I have had a girl trying my Solowheel (they are always girls :) ) who said they had been riding a unicycle before.


EVERY TIME they manage to ride my Solowheel unsupported in less than 10 minutes. 


Perhaps not with the same agility as I can, but that is to be expected. But they were riding straight with their arms stretched out and not falling off after the first few meters as usually happens. 

It helps of course if you have a proper EU like the Solowheel which is very nimble and not as stiff as many others :)

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