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Custom Front Headlight


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I tried taking apart a bike light I had to make it fit better, but I burnt out the board trying to power it, I ended up buying an RGB LED ring and put it behind some pieces from the bike light. The RGB controller was required and you can do color changing and modes, but I stuffed it in the pad with the other wiring. I added a little toggle switch for it, but I plan to make it a cooler push button with LED indicator

Front Headlight LED: http://tinkersphere.com/led-rings/1182-8-x-ws2812-5050-rgb-led-ring-with-integrated-drivers-neopixel-compatible.html

Front Headlight Controller: http://tinkersphere.com/addressable-rgb-products/1052-5v-addressable-ws2812-rgb-led-strip-controller.html

This is the headlight I burnt out the bored on but used parts from: http://usd.knog.com.au/bike/lights/blinder-mob-the-face.html

Lights are wired to the internal 5V LED power.

Note: I bypassed the control wire on the internal LED controller so that I could have a constant light, but the controller does actually control the LED and the ring can be used as a battery level indicator or etc for whatever the lights do. I only use the internal LEDs for batter currently, though I'm working on another solution...





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