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Amatööri tasapainoskootterilla😁


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Eka posti tänne. Tosiaankin innostuin tasapainoskootterista/hoverboardista ihan suunnattomasti, jonka siis ostin torin kautta 20e:lla. Kaikki toimii hyvin, akku latautuu ja siinä on 6.5 tuuman renkaat.:eff034a94a:

Unelmana olisi joskus, ehkä ensikesänä ostaa käytettynä/uutena sellainen yksipyöräinen härveli, ninebot one s2 tai joku vastaava?;) Pitää täältäkin kautta kysellä, kun on ajankohtainen. 

Kiitos, kun pääsee mukaan tälläiseen forumiin.🙏

Terv. Jakki

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Per the forum rules:

On 5/11/2016 at 10:26 AM, John Eucist said:


English (and as "lingua franca") is the language used in this forum. If you cannot express what you want to say in English then use Google Translate first and paste the translated message into your topic or replies. This is better than having the majority of our members having to do it individually to read your message.

Non-English language discussions are allowed in the "Local Group Meet Ups" section where there are threads specifically for different native languages of different countries or regions.


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12 minutes ago, RagingGrandpa said:

Per the forum rules:


Thank you for the advice. 

So i am a rookie with these hoverboard and i like these a lot.B) 

My electric scooter have 6.5” tyres and pay it only 20e. Everything works just fine. Maybe next summer i want to consider onebot one s2 or similar onewheel electric scooter. Somebody can give me some good tips in here? :clap3:

Thank you for letting me in this forum.

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