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unstable Wheel


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Hi Guys, 


I started using a Rockwheel.


I found some problems with these wheels.
The wheel is shaking a lot. When you go a bit faster it is not possible to stay on it o go straight.
First I thought that the tires were to soft. But it didn't change at all when the tires had the right amount of air in it (2.8 Bar)

Is there anyone who has the same problem or knows where it comes from ?


Thanks a lot.

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Is it your first wheel?

As smaler the size of the tire, as more unstable it gets or as more difficult it is to keep it stable.

So if you have the 12 inch, it will quite a bit normal, but with the 16 inch....something is not as it should.

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Hello Anouschka,First,about the shaking ,because the motor is geared,GR16 and GR12,you need to spend time to get used to it.I think you don't have problem with the gearless one.So you need more practice.  : )

And about the tire,I told you the solution in the email.Because I am not sure how much bar it can take,so just fulfill it like you do with the bicycle tire.

If you still have problem you can send me email so I can see immediately.I am not sure if I will miss the post you put in the forum.

Hope my answer will help you.

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On the tire it self it says how much air you can put in the tire. So that problem is fixed.

I am not sure if it is about practise.  It is not our first wheel, and we know what we do.
Anyway, we will see if it will solve itself after a while.



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