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First charge and universal adapter charger gone


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I just bought my ninebot fr ninebot asia.

Switched on then off. Nv used my EUC b4.

Then used my universal adapter charger for the first time to charge my ninebot.

There was a red light to indicate that it was charging.

Then 2 seconds later, there was a loud "tuck" sound fr the charger adapter.

Then it went dead. 

The red charging light was gone thereafter.

What happened?

Is there anyth I did wrongly? Please advise.


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Hi Jer

Thanks for the reply. I was worried if it was a step that I missed. I contacted ninebot asia. They are prompt in responding (email/fb). Said the adapter was defective and that they will replace it for me. Also recommended that I bring my unit for a diagnostic test as well. Phew!


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