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New Segway Shredder Kit : hybrid machine between kickscooter and electric skateboard

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Kickscooter+skate= "The Kickskater" :facepalm:


On March 2, during Segway Press Day 2022, among the new kickscooters and e-scooters, the Shredder Kit was unveiled in the USA.

The Shredder Kit is a mix between full suspension electric skateboard and Kickscooter with 4 wheels. 


More 35 pictures:

Shredder Kit google photos album 

With its removable steering bar - handlebar, it offering two riding modes :

  • A mode approaching the kickscooter but with four wheels, the steering bar which allows the shredder to be directed, includes a control screen - dashboard with Nixie tube display, brakes and acceleration button.
  • Without the steering bar : an electric skate mode with remote control.

It is powered by the Mini S, S PRO and S MAX models, it is not compatible with the S PLUS.


Max. speed

  • Ninebot S: 14.9 mph (24 km/h)
  • Ninebot S Pro: 16.8 mph (27 km/h)
  • Ninebot S MAX: 23 mph (37 km/h)

Typical range

  • Ninebot S: 9.3 mile (15 km)
  • Ninebot S Pro: 11.2 mile (18 km)
  • Ninebot S MAX: 15.5 mile (25 km)

MAX slop    15°

Play mode    Skateboard mode with stem / Skateboard mode without stem (remote control)

Brake system    Front drum brake + rear self-balancing scooter EBS

Net weight    Approx. 48.5 lbs (22 kg)

Max payload    220 lbs (100 kg)

Tire    Front: 10*2.5 R6.5

IP rating    IPX 4

Light     Front headlight / Rear brake light / Ambient light

Dashboard     Nixie tube display


Release, date, price
It will be launched in a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo from June 16 to August 16, and delivery will begin at the end of September - beginning of October.

Which means ? That once the orders have reached the amount set at the start of the campaign, production will only have one and a half months left to assemble the shredders…Or…that the Shredder will soon be launched on the Chinese market with an expected stock meeting the criteria (standards/speeds) of the Western market, it reminds me of the launches of the Loomo and the GoKart.

However, knowing the campaigns on Indiegogo, it is always very uncertain to really know the delivery dates, since the production and logistics factors are very variable and are currently experiencing many delays in view of the global health situation.

The launch price will be $1,000 (MSRP: manufacturer's suggested retail price), we can hope for a lower price at the very beginning of the campaign, a campaign generally begins with periods of degressive reduction (50% off, 40% off…25% off…). Then, once completed, the product is then sold on demand at the highest price.

Advice :
- consider being very patient if you order the product on indiegogo, there could be up to six months between payment and receipt
- if the price is lower than 999.99 dollars, buy it immediately
- if the selling price on a Chinese market place in import is interesting, as well as buying it in import.

What I think of the Shredder Kit?

Here we have a similar model that has been around for a few years https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/484066659946675072/sent/?invite_code=752785dc93434c888c5bef6937884ff2&sfo=1

The Shredder Kit is expensive! For the same price you can buy a kickscooter or an electric skateboard, with more mileage.

Of course it's a good idea to upgrade the Mini S Pro and S MAX with kits, but it's for current Mini users, I don't think a new customer will want to buy the shredder kit and the s max, he will prefer to have an all in one

I like it a lot, but to take full advantage of it I would have to buy an S MAX, which is going to be a big budget. I think that if I use it, that speed and safety is more interesting on the road, I think that I will lose interest in my mini S PLUS, who is no longer marketed.

It's not the same riding and moving pleasure.

It would have been better to offer a machine directly integrating the wheel-motor and the battery of the Mini. This new kit is interesting for those who already have a mini S PRO or S MAX, but with a mini S it is not interesting.

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Shredder Kit promotional video from segway-ninebot and first public exibition.

What we can see is in night riding, there are no rear lights, only reflectors and two LEDs.
The front headlight is very good.
What we don't see either is the visibility of the control screen on the steering bar and also the remote control screen.
Maybe it is a prototype, you will see how mini's  fine is broken on the side (fine it is the cockpit of the bluetooth module).


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