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error code: six beeps


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Got my Zipwheel in December and the whole family have enjoyed whizzing round the park on it. Unfortunately, the boys managed to drive it into a river... which (surprise surprise) stopped it working.

Having stripped the unit down, I found that, although the battery is dead and corroded, the boards on the control side of the unit were bone dry. So, I did what anyone might do in my position - I bought a new battery from eBay.

Today it arrived, and I plugged it in, charged it up, and turned it on. Here's what happens:

  • firstly I get the long beep that I expect (it always used to do this)
  • next, I get six short beeps
  • lastly, the LEDs and the beeper go crazy.

This is consistent - it always follows the same pattern when I turn the unit on. I think it's an error code - I'm guessing it's telling me something along the lines of 'you need to re-calibrate', or 'gyroscope fault', or 'go buy a new zipwheel, fool!'

Does anyone know where I can find out?

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