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Traveling w/ my Kingsong S18 in lieu of a rental car!

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Hey, everyone! I'm a photographer and typically travel between Los Angeles, Vegas and NYC. I have a trip coming up to Vegas for about 6 days. I always go to the same places when I'm in town, all within about 5 miles of each other. While looking in to rental cars upwards of $700, it just hit me that if I could get my S18 to Vegas, that could be my only way of travelings throughout the city.

Calling on some of the experienced EUC owners that may have done just this. I I'm flying Delta and I see their checked bag limit is 50lbs. The S18 is around 48lbs. Is that even something they'd allow with a checked back because of the battery packs? If there isn't a way to bring it with me on the flight, anyone with experience in shipping their EUC? Man, I'd really hate to drop this kind of money on a rental car when I have a cheaper, much more fun means to get around Vegas.

Any suggestions or recommendations, I'm here for it!

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I don't know about the regulations and the batteries so you will have to look into that but as for the carry on I doubt that will work as the wheel (KS18S in particular) is a heavy solid object in a overhead compartment, IE dangerous. My suggestion would be to build a flight case for it. That will protect the wheel from rough handling which you must absolutely expect each and every time a package handler handles it. I would probably get a smaller lighter wheel for this purpose. In fact a smaller lighter wheel might buy you enough size and weight reduction to build a carry on flight case for it.

I see you have a MTen3 but I think that wheel is too small, something like a KS16S or V8S etc may be much better suited to dealing with plane restrictions while still giving you the ability to get around without a rental.

Good luck and keep us posted, I think this topic is likely to have some legs.

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Google can answer a lot of queries.

Simply type the query.

eg: 'Are EUCs banned on Delta planes' provides the answer.



Restricted Hazardous Items

To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, Delta no longer accepts hoverboards or any lithium battery powered self-balancing personal transportation devices on board its aircraft.

These items are prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage.

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Batteries for an EUC are too big to be put on a plane, wheel will need to be shipped to your destination. Ewheels used to sell shipping labels at lower prices (unsure if they still do) and so did PayPal (also unsure if they still do)

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