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Kingsong S22 Eagle explained.

Finn Bjerke

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@Finn Bjerke, thanks for posting those. Not allowed to add any more reactions today. 😡

Interesting that they only dropped the pack on the six flat sides. I believe all they had to do was also drop it onto the four corners, make sure there was cement under their hardwood floor, and they could have claimed that the pack survived MIL-STD-810 drop testing. Oohhh…”military grade” battery pack!

Curiously though their drop-testing floor seems to be raised, which lowers the g-forces experienced by the pack when dropped? They also only drop the pack onto its flat faces, perhaps spreading out the g-forces? Or is that testing floor directly resting on the building’s floor, without any space beneath it, just used to protect the building’s floor from dents/ dings/etc.?


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WTH did I just see?  Oh THIS.  Wholey crap!  Using sand paper over top of a production circuit board.  So a metal filing might get lodged between logic-circuit connections on the board.  What thoughtless manufacturing.  We're taking our chances riding these products.  Not just the obvious risks, but the hidden manefestation of incopetence and laxidasical carelessness (and not just our own).   


KS ading error.png

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